Back to School: Off To a Great Start

September 9, 2013
kids raising hands in class

Back to School: Off To a Great Start

About a month ago I wrote about the mixed feelings I get about the girls going back to school. Flash forward to today, into the second week, and my fears and doubts about the new year have, for the most part, vanished. But, before we get to how that happened, you need to know a little about what lead up to these good feelings.

Abigail, 9, is in 4th grade. The night before the first day of school she informed me she was setting her alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. I asked her why she was going to get up so early. She replied, “I have to prepare myself. And get all the bad thoughts out of my head.” This sums up perfectly her feelings about school. She didn’t want the summer to end. And while she doesn’t hate academics and gets good grades, she is over the drama she encountered with a bunch of third grade girls last year.

Elizabeth, 12, is in 7th grade. This involved a move to a new school where she would join 950 other seventh and eighth graders in the city. Elizabeth is great at school, too. She was looking forward to seeing her friends and getting back into a routine. She was, however, worrying herself sick over the possibility of getting “lost” in said new school, which measures an impressive 225,000 square feet. I tried to reassure her that every seventh grader heading in those doors on the first day felt the same way she did, and that, if she did get lost, all she had to do was ask someone where to go. That didn’t help, however, and as she got out of the car that morning, she held it together, even though I did see some tears threatening to spill. Not a great way to start the day.

So the first day comes and goes and when I picked them up imagine my delight when Abigail said, “Mom, this was the BEST first day of school ever!” And, “My teacher is so pretty and polite and that really is the best combination.” (This girl!) She was so excited and happy it made my heart fill with joy. And when Elizabeth got in the car she said, “It was awesome! And I only got lost once but I figured it out.” Again, proud Mom moments and a huge sigh of relief on my part.

Here’s to the rest of the school year continuing in the same positive vein.

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