How Does Your Garden Grow?

June 13, 2019

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m the first to admit that I do not have a green thumb. So while I lack any sort of gardening or plant-growing ability, I’m still intrigued by the thought of growing my own food.

Last summer, the girls and their dad decided to build a raised garden in the back yard. After the frame was built and the dirt delivered, they poured through books and went online to plan what they wanted to grow. They also took a couple trips to the store to choose the right seeds for the veggies they eventually wanted to eat. It was a great experience and taught them a number of important lessons about where food comes from, what’s needed to make things grow and how persistence pays off when you’re rewarded with the fruits of your labor. To top it off, they quickly realized that homegrown vegetables taste a hundred times better than anything you’ll find in the grocery store, in a can or even frozen.

Unfortunately, with the sale of the house, and apartment living a reality for the foreseeable future, our gardening days are over for the time being. But it got me thinking about the possibility of doing something similar, just on a smaller scale.

That’s where container gardening comes in. Like the article states, herbs are a good first choice for many indoor gardeners and, knowing my personality, I’m inclined to agree. I enjoy sprinkling chives on cottage cheese or a baked potato, and there is nothing better than fresh cilantro in salsa, on a salad or in any type of Mexican dish. So I know those two would be my first choices. Since I eat a lot of salads, having access to fresh leaf lettuce appeals to me, although I’m not sure I’d get a big enough supply to keep up with demand, plus it needs a lot of sun, which I’m not sure I’ll have.

Regardless, I’ll ask the girls to weigh in on the matter because the whole idea was borne from their garden experience. It’s fun to think about all the possibilities, and it’ll be a nice thing for us to share as we adapt to a new living space and different routines.

What about you? Have any experience with container gardening? Any suggestions on where to begin?

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