5 Budget Considerations for Kitchen Remodels

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5 Budget Considerations for Kitchen Remodels

It’s fun to fantasize about all the changes you’d make to your kitchen if money were no object. But money is a major issue for many when it comes to such a project. Before you start selecting new appliances and looking at paint chips, check out these 5 budget considerations for kitchen remodels.

1.    Ask yourself how long you plan to stay in your home. If you plan to stay for a few years, you’ll want to spend what you can afford to get the most bang for your buck. On the other hand, if you plan to leave soon and just want to optimize the space for a sale, you can choose to do some quick, yet inexpensive, cosmetic updates that will make an impression but not break the bank. This article explains where to splurge and where to save.

2.    How do you use your kitchen? That will help determine the kind of changes you’ll want to make. Are you a gourmet cook who’d love a professional range or other high-end appliances? Do you require an eat-in kitchen for family meals? Or is your kitchen used mainly as a place to unpack takeout meals? Your lifestyle should help you determine the “nice to haves” vs. the “need to haves.”

3.    Do you plan to remove walls or add architectural details like arches or skylights? Then keep in mind you’ll have to re-route plumbing and electrical lines, which increase the cost of a kitchen remodel significantly. Simpler is easier on the budget. Work with what you’ve got to keep costs in check.

4.    Are you handy with tools or a seasoned Do-It-Yourselfer? Since the majority of a kitchen remodel budget is spent on labor, you’ll want to do as much of the work yourself to save money. You can remove old cabinets or fixtures before the pros come in. You can also help with finishing the project by painting and attending to other details. If you do opt to work with a contractor, be sure to get references. Talk to other homeowners to get names or check a national registry like Angie’s List, which lists reviews thousands of service providers in more than 700 categories.

5.    Look for deals. It’s seems like kind of no-brainer, but there are deals to be had. Look at clearance racks at your nearby home center and watch for end-of-season sales. Don’t dismiss floor models out of hand. Just make sure to inspect them thoroughly for damage or use. Check this out for even more ways to save.

What are your budget considerations when it comes to kitchen remodels? Share your ideas in the comments!


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