Aspect Tiles Spur Big Transformation in a Small Space

glass backsplash in RV

Aspect Tiles Spur Big Transformation in a Small Space

Builder-grade homes can leave something to be desired. Sure, they have a great shell, but the inside can sometimes lack personality. Campers and RVs are no different. Fortunately, they too can be customized to your individual needs and style.

Scottie recently took the time to transform an RV. She points out in a post on her blog that when it comes to decorating and furnishing, RVs require everything on a much smaller scale than a regular home. And because RVs encounter bumps during travel, items should be secured for safety.

Scottie chose to transform the kitchen and the bedroom. She used two kinds of Aspect Peel & Stick products: our Mini Subway glass tiles in Frost and our stone tiles in Weathered Quartz.

The Frost tiles are the perfect size for a small space like the kitchen. Unsure if the adhesive on the back of the tiles would hold during bumpy travels, she decided to use construction adhesive as extra insurance. That project complete, she moved to the bedroom with the stone product.

Aspect stone is real stone. We pour a resin onto a large quarried stone and after it cures, we peel the resin back to reveal the natural colors and textures. Then thin slabs of stone are cut and arranged on pressure-sensitive adhesive backers cut to the tile dimensions. It’s thin enough to cut with tin snips.

Once completed, Scottie said of the stone, “It makes a stunning statement and is even easier to use than the glass. This space went up super quick since it was just one big rectangle.”

Check out the whole post and let me know what you think of this amazing project in the comments.

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