Fasade Panels Accentuate Closet Makeover

Fasade panels accentuate closet makeover

Fasade Panels Accentuate Closet Makeover

A closet can be a source of frustration as it becomes the catch-all for a busy family’s gear. Cynthia, a mother of four, was at her wit’s end with her inefficient, cramped entry closet and longed for a stylish and functional space that would accommodate everyone’s needs. She decided to use Fasade panels to accentuate her closet makeover.

The first thing she did was remove the closet doors to open up the space and make it appear larger. She then added dividers so each child had his or her own space to store their belongings. Off-season items were moved to storage, which gave her the space she needed to add the dividers and shoe bins.

Then Cynthia applied Fasade Waves panels in white* to accentuate the closet makeover, adding personality and style. Fasade wall panels measure 4’x8′ to cover 32 sq. feet total and there are many designs from which to choose ranging from modern to traditional. They are also available in a multitude of finishes in color groups including gold, silver, copper, bronze, white and earth tones. Paintable matte white panels allow the consumer to customize a wall to match or accentuate their decor scheme.

This quick and budget-friendly project was just the ticket for corralling all their belongings. “Each person knows where their things go, shoes all have a place and it just looks very organized,” she says. “I love that everything has a home and is not laying out on the floor. This is going to make the start of our days during the school year so much easier.”

Are you happy with your closets? What do you think of this closet makeover? Share your organizational tips and tricks in the comments!

*Fasade Waves pattern in white is available via special order. Call 1.844.407.2853 to speak with a customer service representative.

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