How to Use Backsplash in a Bath Remodel

Aspect glass subway tiles used in a bathroom remodel

How to Use Backsplash in a Bath Remodel

Do you wonder how to use backsplash in a bath remodel? One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change to a bath is by adding a DIY backsplash.

You can install a Fasade or Aspect backsplash in as little as a day. Fasade backsplash panels can be installed with double-sided tape or construction adhesive. Made of decorative vinyl, their flexibility and size make them easy to handle and install. They’re also available in 4’x8′ wall panels, which is great for accent walls or larger areas. Fasade panels are an affordable alternative to traditional grout-applied tile projects.They are also available in traditional and contemporary styles and colors from six color families.

Aspect tiles are available in metal, glass, stone and wood. They just peel and stick for instant style so there’s no need to worry about the mess of grout or the hassle and expense of hiring a tile installer.

Aspect metal tiles are offered in 3’x6′ subway style and matted formats in stainless, champagne, copper and bronze finishes. Glass tiles are also offered in subway and matted styles in a variety of colors. Aspect stone tiles are made of real stone but are easy to cut with a tin snip or utility knife. They are offered in nine colors to match any decor. Aspect wood tiles are available in two colors to match any decor.

For creative inspiration with Fasade and Aspect, visit our photo galleries.

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