Back to School Supplies [Me with Melancholy]


Back to School Supplies [Me with Melancholy]

While many parents rejoice, back to school supplies me with melancholy.

For the kiddos, it’s the allure of new school supplies and backpacks and being reunited with their friends. The supply lists have been posted at the local stores for weeks and each time we visit the girls ask when they’ll be getting their new stuff. I totally get that. I was the same way when I was their ages and the scent of fresh notebooks and no. 2 pencils for me is right up there with puppies and rainbows in terms of awesome things.

But as excited as they are for school to start again, I am hesitant to bite the bullet and set the preparations in motion. Call it denial, but I want to savor summer a bit more. The weather here has been sporadic in terms of quality summer heat and sun and when you live in a state that sees snow half the year you want as much warmth as you can get for as long as possible.

More importantly, though, is that time with the girls is precious. After a week away recently, it seems they grew 5 inches and matured 5 years each. But it’s bittersweet. Because soon they’ll be teens, and they won’t think Mom is as cool as their friends. And then they’ll be headed off to college and, well, you get where I’m going with this.

But, the reality is, life is nothing but change. Resisting it at every turn is fruitless and painful. I recently read this article and found many of the points pretty helpful. Much of it is about re-framing how you think about situations and opportunities.

So that’s what I’m going to try to do. Look at the start of the new school year as a new adventure, not only for the girls, but for me as well.

What about back to school time for you? Have any tips that have worked for you in this area? Let me know via the comments.

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