Considerations for Great Kitchen Design

Considerations for great kitchen design

Considerations for Great Kitchen Design

There are a number of considerations for great kitchen design.

What you want to accomplish determines budget. Experts agree that the kitchen should account for 10-20 percent of the fair market value of your home. But if your goal is to simply spruce up the space before putting your home on the market, you can spend less.

Lifestyle is another important factor. Do you need something family friendly or a larger space for entertaining? Would you rather have an upscale showpiece with the latest technology? Or something with a simpler aesthetic because you eat out more?

Layout is another factor. Consider the “work triangle.” The National Kitchen and Bath Association describes it as an imaginary straight line drawn from the center of the sink, to the center of the cook top, to the center of the refrigerator, and back to the sink. With all major work stations close together, the triangle minimizes traffic and interruptions. This is especially useful in a small kitchen.

Other factors in kitchen design include: appliances, flooring and surface materials, and lighting options.

Don’t overlook the ceiling. Often referred to as the “fifth wall,” you can add interest, variety and style to any room with paint treatments, textures and shapes.

Ceiling options:

  • Modular wood ceiling systems, including lay-in wood ceiling coffer panels, provide a custom-crafted look at a low cost and are easy to install.
  • Decorative thermoplastic panels are an elegant, yet cost-effective way to revitalize any interior. With countless style and finish combinations, including faux metal and faux wood, the possibilities for expressing your style are endless.
  • Change the look of any suspended ceiling with lay-in ceiling tiles. Or, choose glue-up ceiling tiles, which make changing the look of your room easy without the hassle of a suspended ceiling system.

What do you think are considerations for great kitchen design? Let us know in the comments!


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