Fasade Diamond Plate Used in Firehouse Bedroom

April 10, 2016
Fire truck bed with Fasade diamond plate

Fasade Diamond Plate Used in Firehouse Bedroom

Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP) recently had the privilege of working with The Corner Kingdom Project. This organization re-designs the bedrooms of kids with special needs or illnesses to make them functional and fun.

“Many of these children rely on medical devices, but this equipment often makes the room feel cold and sterile,” according to a program’s spokesperson. “Since surrounding environments affect mood and well-being, we creatively integrate medical devices, therapeutic tools, and sensory stations into the room design. Our rooms provide functionality and organization for parents so they can focus on caring for their children. And children can enjoy being ‘kings and queens of their own castle’.”

The lucky recipient of his own corner kingdom in this case is John, a 5-year-old who was diagnosed in 2013 with Stage 4 anaplastic ganglioglioma, an aggressive, malignant tumor in his brain. Despite his illness, John’s enthusiasm for all things related to firefighting doesn’t wane. We donated panels in Fasade Diamond Plate, which is used throughout the room to lend that authentic touch and give the feel of the inside of a real firehouse.

On the weekend of March 28, 2015, Corner Kingdom worked with volunteers from the Evesham Fire Rescue, N.J., and BELFOR Restoration to build John’s Dream Firefighter room. They raised almost $11,000 and over 50 people showed up to make this project a huge success.

Judging by the smile on John‘s face, the mission was accomplished to provide one little boy with the room of his dreams.

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