Fasade Wall Panels an Alternative to Wood Paneling

kitchen with Fasade wall panels

Fasade Wall Panels an Alternative to Wood Paneling

When we think of wall panels, often a vision of an outdated 1970s rec room comes to mind. But wall paneling is much different today than it was when it first came onto the scene. Fasade panels are a great alternative to wood paneling.

Wall paneling comes in a variety of materials ranging from the plywood veneer and laminate styles of yesteryear with which we’ve become familiar, to real wood in various species, to reclaimed wood. It is also available in materials that mimic other natural elements such as stone. Depending on the material and size, wall paneling can range in price from $2 per square foot on up.

Fasade wall panels are made of decorative vinyl and measure 4 feet x 8 feet each, allowing you to cover 32 square feet at once. The panels are water- and corrosion-resistant and easily clean with warm, soapy water. Simply apply to the wall with construction adhesive.

Fasade wall panels are available in 24 designs including traditional, modern and contemporary looks. The color offerings come from seven color families, including paintable white for a custom look. Matching trims and outlet covers are also available to complete the look.

For more information, or to purchase Fasade wall panels, visit DIY Decor Store.

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