Pet-friendly Home Additions

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Pet-friendly Home Additions

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans will spend an estimated $58.51 billion in 2014 on their furry friends. Those figures include expenditures on food, supplies and medicine, vet care, boarding, grooming and the like. But increasingly, we are also making space for, or modifying, our homes to accommodate our pets and, in particular, our dogs. Home builders are seeing a marked increase in requests to design spaces around pets, and a few entrepreneurial types have decided to specialize in this lucrative and growing niche market.

Here are a few pet-friendly home additions that could make life easier for you and your pet:

Hardwood or Laminate Floors

You’ll always have pet hair with certain breeds, but constant vacuuming can be exhausting and you’ll never get it all. Smooth surfaces make picking up pet hair a breeze.

Pet Doors

If you’re constantly going to the door to let your dog out to do his business, a pet door can make life easier. It should be the appropriate size for your pet so make sure to measure Fluffy or Fido beforehand. To see how easy it is to install a pet door, watch.

Crates & Gates

If you crate your pet when you’re not home, chances are you’re using the standard, utilitarian plastic version sold at most pet stores. While they work just fine, they’re not exactly stylish. Consider some of these upscale designs if you’re looking to upgrade. Or have one built into the design of your home.

The same goes for gates to keep pets (or small children) confined to one area of the home or to prevent them from using stairs. Many people use the gates found at children’s or pet supply stores, but you can get crafty and make a stylish one of your own. Here are some examples.

Finally, considering installing a dog shower if your pet loves to go outside and get dirty. Best located in or near a mud room, it can also be used for cleaning tasks of a human nature.

Have you ever made any modifications to your home to accommodate your pets? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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