Kitchen Backsplash Tutorial – From ‘Ick’ to Awesome

Jennifer — when she’s not teaching Shakespeare, dangling participles and poetic devices in her small town — tackles the real estate world “one dated, ugly home at a time.” She successfully bought, flipped and sold her first project, and recently began her second project. She details the ups and downs of DIY house flipping in her delightful blog, The Bachelorette Pad Flip.

We learned about her adventures in a recent blog post where she described the trials and tribulations of renovating her kitchen. “I know that vintage is in, but this kitchen was just BAD vintage. I did all of the demo myself, which was quite fun,” she says.

Upgrades included replacing the countertops, adding new tile flooring and new stainless steel appliances, replacing the vintage sink, installing new light fixtures, painting the walls and adding new cabinet hardware. She also added a spiffy new Fasade backsplash in our Ripple style, Argent Silver finish. You can read all about her kitchen backsplash tutorial in this post.

Update: Jennifer is currently completing her third flip, which was her grandparents’ house. She retired from teaching, is a full-time Realtor and says she’s flipping houses with one singular goal: to pay off student loan debts. We love following her DIY flipping adventures and think you will, too, so be sure to check out her site.