How to Use a Backsplash in Bath Remodel

One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in a room is to add a backsplash. In this article we detail how to use a backsplash in a bath remodel.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing Fasade or Aspect backsplash products for a bath remodel is that the project often takes less than one day. Fasade 18′ x 24′ decorative backsplash panels can be installed with double-sided tape or construction adhesive. Made of decorative vinyl, their flexibility and size make them easy to handle and install. They’re also available in 4’x8′ wall panels, which is great for accent walls or larger areas. Fasade panels are an affordable alternative to traditional grout-applied tile projects. They are available in a number of traditional and contemporary styles and colors.

Aspect tiles are another great product to consider. They just peel and stick for instant style.There is no need to worry about the mess of grout or the hassle and expense of hiring a tile installer, and they are available in metal, glass and stone.

Aspect metal tiles are offered in 3’x6′ subway style and matted formats in stainless, champagne, copper and bronze finishes. Glass tiles are also offered in subway and matted styles in a variety of colors. Aspect stone tiles are made of real stone, but are easy to cut with tin snips or a utility knife. They are offered in nine colors to match any decor.

For creative inspiration on how to use backsplash in a bath remodel, visit our photo galleries.

5 Easy & Affordable Bathroom Ideas

Looking for some easy and affordable bathroom ideas? Consider these 5 updates:

  1. Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways you can update a room, relatively speaking, and especially if you do it yourself. A gallon of paint averages just around $31 depending on where you live. Don’t forget to factor in primer if necessary and any other tools you might need to get the job done right.
  2. Install a backsplash. Beyond protecting the wall behind the sink from water, a backsplash adds the finishing touch to a bathroom. Two inexpensive options include Fasade faux tin and Aspect Peel & Stick metal, stone or glass backsplash. Both are easy DIY projects that don’t require a contractor or the hassle of mortar and grout.
  3. Accent a wall. Put the focus on one wall in the room. Paint it a different color than the other walls, add wainscoting halfway or install Fasade wall panels. The panels come in 4’x8’ sheets to cover more room than a Fasade backsplash, but they’re made of the same material so they’re easy to handle. And, because they come in a multitude of styles and finishes, they’re a quick way to dramatically update any space.
  4. Reconsider the shower curtain. When was the last time you updated the shower curtain? A pretty new pattern can enliven a room. Find coordinating art and accessories to really make it stand out.
  5. Update hardware. New pulls and handles make a huge difference. Nothing says dated like builder-grade hardware, especially if it’s a shiny brass or other dated finish. Change out towel bars, door knobs and the toilet tissue holder to coordinate.

To learn more about easy and affordable bathroom ideas using Fasade decorative vinyl backsplash panels, visit Fasade Ideas. More information on Aspect peel and stick tiles can be found at Aspect Ideas. To purchase these products, visit DIY Decor Store.