How To Add Beauty and Value to Any Room with Fasade Panels

These days there are a number of wall covering options on the market. Of course, shiplap has reigned supreme for a long time thanks to Joanna Gaines’ enduring love for the rustic material. Wallpaper has seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity due to an influx of new textures like hemp, wood and even shells on the market. While those materials have their place, Fasade panels can easily and economically add beauty and value to any room.

Fasade panels are an alternative to costly wall coverings for three main reasons. They’re affordable, DIY-friendly and come in countless style and finish combinations.

Transforming your kitchen decor doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, with the tools you already own, you can renovate the average kitchen in a few hours for under $200. The cost for a completed stamped tin, glass, tile or custom metal installation will easily exceed $1,000 for the same size kitchen. Because these other materials require unique tools, grout, sealers and usually a qualified contractor, these options often end up costing 5-6 times more than a completed Fasade kitchen.

Easy installation

Fasade backsplash panels are easy to install so no contractor is needed. In just a few hours you can transform your kitchen using double-sided tape or a tube of adhesive. There’s no messy grout, mortar or expensive tile saw needed.

Finally, Fasade is available in 250 different backsplash styles and finish combinations including contemporary, traditional or even an industrial feel. Our numerous colors and finishes include metallics, matte colors and aged patinas.

Fasade is also available in 2×2 and 2×4 ceiling panels and 4×8 sheets for walls. This offers a wide range of decorating options that are easy, affordable and fit your style. To see how one creative customer accented her closet with Fasade panels, read this post from DIYalogue.

Do you have any experience with Fasade panels? Or some other wall covering you’ve tried? Let me know in the comments!

How to Cover an Ugly Kitchen Backsplash

We recently discovered another enterprising blogger/mom/DIY enthusiast via a post titled “How to Cover an Ugly Kitchen Backsplash.”

The author, Jennifer Griffin of Edmonton, Okla., writes on her blog “Dimples & Tangles” that she never liked the backsplash in her kitchen which consisted of white tiles with red and green stripes. “Perfect in the mid-90’s when the house was built. Today, not so much,” she writes.

When they first moved into their home they undertook a kitchen redo that consisted mainly of cosmetics fixes, knowing someday they’d make major renovations. One such fix was the backsplash, where they used Fasade backplash in Traditional 1 style, Bermuda Bronze finish. You can use construction adhesive or double-sided tape during installation, which is what they did for this temporary fix.

For their more extensive kitchen remodel, Jennifer says they wanted to use the same Fasade panel style but in a different color. This time she painted them to coordinate better with the cabinetry and countertops. She also used them as an accent in the counter/bar area, noting, “These panels are flexible, so all I had to do was follow the wall around and glue it down. It conformed to the shape of the wall.”

A Great Solution

Jennifer says they may change out the backsplash again. “If we go a different route in the future, this will be so quick to pull down and be ready to re-do,” she says. “I’m thinking maybe beveled subway tile? But, we’re good for now and these panels have been a great solution for our backsplash. My sister used the copper color in her kitchen and it looks fantastic. I’ve also seen these used on a ceiling…amazing!”

We think the finished product looks beautiful! Be sure to check out the post for more details and photos and let us know what you think in the comments!

Fasade backsplash, wall panels and ceiling tiles can be purchased at any Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menards stores. There are also many more styles and finishes available online at